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American Authors – Go Big or Go Home MP3

Baixar Musica American Authors – Go Big or Go Home MP3

Artista: American Authors
Música: Go Big or Go Home
Gênero: Pop
Ano de Lançamento: 2015
Tamanho: 5.96 MB
Disponível: Letra e Mp3



American Authors é uma banda de indie rock americana com base na cidade de Nova Iorque e que possuem contrato com a gravadora The Island Def Jam Music Group. Eles são mais conhecidos pelo single Best Day of My Life.

Letra da Música

Go big or go home
Ya we’re making it massive
So tall I’m out of this world
Like I’m intergalactic
I’m calling out to earth
No the sky’s not the limit
So everyday, every chance
We put the plan in this planet

I go big
Go hot or go cold
Gotta make up your mind
Cause houston’s got a problem
If you can’t pick a side
Oh are you in?
Are you out?
We don’t have room for posers
Cause they’ll be slowing us down
While we’re rocketing forward

So take a chance
Cause I’m all in
So take a chance
Just hold on tight and buckle in
The countdown’s beginning
So take a chance cause I’m all in
Like a man on a mission
It’s your move so why you stalling?
Flip the switch start the engine
Pack your bags up if you’re leaving

Go big or go home
I’m dodging black holes
And I shoot for the stars
No there’s no turning back
When we’ve made it this far
Oh ya I’m gonna go big
Ya I’m up for the ruckus
You know I’m never going home
So good luck trying to stop us

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