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Jamie Foxx – Baby’s In Love MP3

Informações da Música

Cantor: Jamie Foxx
Música: Baby’s In Love
Gênero: Pop
Tamanho: 18.4 MB
Formato: MP3
Lançamento: 2015
Disponível: Letra e Mp3
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Jamie Foxx, nome artístico de Eric Marlon Bishop, é um ator, roteirista, produtor de cinema, comediante e músico dos Estados Unidos. É conhecido principalmente por atuar como Ray Charles no musical “Ray” e como Max em “O espetacular Homem-Aranha 2”

Letra da Música:

Something about that makes me wanna dance
Something about that makes me wanna move
Something about that makes me wanna get down
And get closer to you

[Verse 1: Jamie Foxx]
Get a little closer to me too
You get a little shy when we start to move
Get a little high when I’m tryna decide if it’s London or China too
Forget about the plans that you got later
I kiss you like you can’t have too many
The Earth is like round and round we go
When it’s gon’ stop, you never know
So in the meantime I’m here and I’m gone in love
Because you chose me, I’m walkin’ cloud 9 above

[Hook: Jamie Foxx]
Baby’s in love
Baby’s on top, never gon’ stop to get what she wants
Whatever she want, givin’ it up, cause baby’s in love
Baby don’t need anything more than just what I got
Baby’s in love

[Intermission x2]

[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
It’s Kid Ink, uh
So come and walk my way
Roll up, I can spark that flame
There’s something about the way you make that face
Girl is you talkin’ to me, whoa?
Let’s start with the drink, pour up
Get you and your friends toe up
Don’t sip slow on the low though
Wait, tell me what you here for
I could read the signal, girl, you bad, sinful
Body just like a centerfold
But you probably got a nigga though
If anybody ask, I don’t know him
Couldn’t just let you pass me and ignore it
Doin’ all that cute shit
Took a couple shots and got shot by Cupid

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