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Lea Michele - On My Way

Baixar Musica Lea Michele – On My Way Download

  • Gênero: Rap
  • Banda | Cantor: Lea Michele
  • Musica: On My Way
  • Lançamento: 2016
  • Formato: Mp3
  • Tamanho: 4 MB

Destaque: Lea Michele Sarfati é uma atriz, cantora, compositora e escritora norte-americana conhecida por sua interpretação como a estudante Rachel Berry na série de TV Glee e Hester Ulrich/Chanel #6 na série de TV Scream Queens

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My words are wrapped in barb wire
My actions speak for what I can’t say
‘Cause I fall one step forward
To push you away, push you away

I wish that I could listen
To all the advice that I give away
But it’s hard to see things clearly
Through all of the pain, all of the pain

I’m caught in the rain, caught in the rain

And my heart’s too drunk to drive
I should stay away from you tonight
But in this blackout state of mind
Baby all I want is you tonight

When my head tells me “no”
My heart tells me “go”
So I’m here in the road ‘cause I

I know my heart’s too drunk to drive
But I’m on my way to you
Yeah, I’m on my way
To you, you, to you tonight

I’m on my way to you, you
To you, I’m on my way

There’s a million voices
Screaming that this love’s a dead-end road
But the only voice that I hear
Is telling me “go”, telling me “go”

The sun is rising sober
While passion fades and I’m on my own
My helpless heart’s hangover
I’m all out of hope, all out of hope

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