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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Buckshot MP3

Gênero: Pop
Cantor / Banda: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Musica: Buckshot
Lançamento: 2016
Pais De Origem: USA


Qualidade: 392 kbps
Tamanho: 8 MB
Formato: Mp3
Disponivel: Letra e Mp3

Destaque: Próximo ao lançamento de seu novo álbum, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis disponibilizaram mais uma canção, “Buckshot”.

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I was seven years old, when I got my first pair
And I stepped outside
And I was like, Momma, this air bubble right here, it's gonna make me fly
I hit that court, and when I jumped, I jumped, I swear I got so high
I touched the net, Mom I touched the net, this is the best day of my life
Air Max's were next,
That air bubble, that mesh
The box, the smell, the stuffin, the trend, in school
I was so cool
I knew that I couldn't crease 'em
My friends couldn't afford 'em
Four stripes, some Air-didas
On the court I wasn't the best, but my kicks were like the pros
Yo, I stick out my tongue so everyone could see that logo
Nike Air Flight, but bad was so dope
And then my friend Carlos' brother got murdered for his fours, whoa
See he just wanted a jump shot, but they wanted the starter coat though
Didn't wanna get caught, from Genesee Park to Othello
You could clown for those Pro Wings, with the velcro
Those were not tight
I was trying to fly without leaving the ground, cuz I wanted to be like Mike, right
Wanted to be him


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