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Gênero: Pop
Cantor / Banda: 3OH!3
Musica: MAD AT YOU
Lançamento: 2016
Qualidade: 392 kbps
Tamanho: 6 MB
Formato: Mp3



Destaque: 3OH!3 é o nome de uma dupla norte-americana de música eletrônica, crunk-rock, electrorock, dance e pop formada em Boulder, Colorado e que atua desde 2004.



She’s a bad girl
Met her in a mad world
Said she wants to slow down
But this is what I told her now
Hello “Miss You-Fucked-Me-Over”
Got me looking over my shoulder
Telling me lies like I don’t know the difference
It’s no secret where you been
You ain’t discreet while walking with him
Up in your skin, yeah I can see the fingerprints

So I went looking for my own something on the side
I’ve been living my life, I’ve been living my life
Yeah, you think nobody knows, his cologne on your clothes
Everything is alright, everything is alright, ‘cause

How could I ever be mad at you?
How could I ever be mad at you?
How could I ever be mad at you?
‘Cause I’ve been doing that shit too

How could I ever be mad at you?
I can’t hate on anything you do
How could I ever be mad at you?
‘Cause I’ve been doing that shit too

I got Ocd
When it comes to that pussy
She said she don’t wanna push me
But this is where she took me
From a dream into a nightmare
I can see the Devil – he’s right there
Stumbled upon a pack of someone’s cigarettes
In the backseat of your Honda
You can say whatever you wanna
That doesn’t mean that I will think you’re innocent

I’m all in it – past the limit
Knocking on the gates of heaven – can I kick it?
I gotta find a peace of mind right now
‘Cause I’m losing my mind right now


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