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Informações da Música

Cantor: Nick Jonas
Música: Believe
Gênero: Pop
Tamanho: 6MB
Formato: MP3
Lançamento: 2015
Disponível: Letra e Mp3
Download: Itunes e Servidores

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Depois de “Anywhere But Here” na voz de Christina Aguilera e a parceria de Jennifer Lopez e Trey Songz em “What You Mean To Me”, os fãs de Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora e Nick Jonas podem ouvir uma amostra de suas contribuições para o álbum “Finding Neverland”.

Letra da Música:

Hello. What? No, the meeting’s at 4:30.
Meet me in the Executive Washroom. We’ll make plans.

Big meeting’s today, huh? Yeah…
Here anything about what Finch is planning?
JB Gave him a postponement so he must have something

Y’know fellas, I’m starting to get a little scared of Finch
Me too. If we don’t stop him pretty soon,
He’ll probably have us all working in the mailroom

Gotta stop that man.
I’ve gotta stop that man cold or he’ll stop me.

Big deal, big rocket
Thinks he has the world in his pocket.
Gotta stop, gotta stop. gotta stop that man, that man.

Now there you are.
Yes, there’s that face.
That face that somehow I trust.
It may embarrass you to hear me say it.
But say it I must, say it I must

You have the cool clear
Eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth
Yet, there’s that up-turned chin
And the grin of impetuous youth
Oh, I believe in you, I believe in you

I hear the sound of good
Solid judgment whenever you talk
Yet there’s the bold, brave spring
Of the tiger that quickens your walk.
Oh, I believe in you, I believe in you

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