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R. Kelly – She Deserve
Informações Da Musica:

Cantor: R. Kelly
Gênero: R&B
Lançamento: 2016
Música: She Deserve
Tamanho: 2 MB
Qualidade Áudio: 10
Qualidade: 392 kbps
Disponível: Letra e Mp3

Destaque: Robert Sylvester Kelly é um cantor, instrumentista, compositor e produtor musical estadunidense conhecido internacionalmente pela designação artística R. Kelly.

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I understand yo goin through some things with this nigga
This nigga ain’t worth it
Get with a real nigga
Take you away from all of this shit
Fly you around the world
Make love to ya in 50 states, ya know I mean?
Treat you like you’re supposed to be treated

You deserve better baby
Fuckin’ with this clown
Pack your bags and we can leave now
Girl don’t let him bring you down
You deserve better baby
Let a real nigga bring you wealth
These lames are bad for your health
You can do bad all by yourself
You deserve better baby

[Verse 1:]
Last time was the last time
That nigga gon’ make you cry
He playin’ you bass line
But you don’t need the drama you too fine
You need to fly no doubt
I can fly you just holla’ out
Your destination I know the route
He a fallen’ plane girl bail out
He the type of nigga gon’ bore you
I’m the type of nigga gon’ spoil you
I can getcha lost in those islands girl
Eatin’ lobster crabs and live royal
You need you a ride to die
You mash the gas I steer
He can buy you flowers girl
I put rose gold in your ear
Patron shots over seas
Make you forget your fears
You look like you need savin’
Superman right here
Girl I know that he hurt you
I got the kinda’ sex that heals
These niggas out here fraudulent
Girl let me keep it real

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