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Yelawolf - Best Friend (feat. Eminem)

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    • Cantor: Yelawolf
    • Música: Best Friend
    • Gênero: Hip Hop
    • Tamanho: 8 MB
    • Formato: MP3
    • Lançamento: 2015
    • Disponível: Letra e Mp3


Letra da Música

Ain’t never been much of the church type
But I believe in the last days
I walk through Hell almost every night
But I believe it’s a pathway
Say boy, what you doin’ with your life
With those tattoos on your face?
Say boy, you know that you’ll pay the price
Well, I guess I’ll see when I head that way

To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I hold You nearest
My best friend, best friend
Let the trumpets blow with Your appearance
I can almost hear it
My best friend, best friend
When you wish me Hell upon my soul and spirit
Behold these lyrics
I got a best friend, best friend
Yeah, I got a best friend, best friend, yeah

I don’t know much about Holy Bibles
But I grew up in the Bible Belt
I put my love for a woman on idle
Because I got beat with my mama’s belt
But I learned from my mistakes
Try hard to respect people for what they believing in
But if you spit on my fucking grave
And wish me Hell then I wish you well
I’mma send you straight up to my best friend

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